Troon Show 2016 - Results

Class 1-8 BS Show Jumping

Ring 1

Class 1 a

Senior British Novice

1st        Genevive(TeganNoy)

2nd      Jon Boy  (HayleyWilliams)

3rd        North Country Lady Tabitha(BrookWhetter)

4th         LarinaIV(RebeccaJinks)

5th        NPS Fiji (ElleMcCoan)



Class 1b 90cm Open

1st          Flash Eddie(EmmaRichards)

2nd        Drogeham(JodieRichards)

3rd        King of the Bay(PagePolk)

4th        Mashele (AnabellaGeorge)


Class 2a

Senior Discovery

1st                  Genevive(TeganNoy)

2nd            Whatever V (BrianFacey)

3rd        King of the Bay (PagePolk)

4th        Fureur de Messitert(AlisonWard)

5th            Zirroco Gold (AndrewJames)


Class2b lMOpen

1st                  Dolostone(AndrewWilliams)

2nd            Rumours Gucci (CharlotteRule)

3rd       Jumping Jack Flash(CharmaineJames)

4th        Mashele (Anabella George)

5th        Tanja (SophieJinks)



Class 3

Senior Newcomers/1.10 open

1st                  Rudy Valentino(James Stocker)

2nd       Cojak (AmberWhetter)

3rd       Douglas VS(SammieCoffin)

4th        Simply Sid (JustineWalters)

5th        Lord Darnaud VD Moorskeshoeve (SammieCoffin)



Class 4

National Accumulator

1st                  Tors LaLoi(SammieCoffin)

2nd       Boebka (SammieCoffin)

3rd        Emely B(SammieCotton)

4th            U Bank (AdamEllery)

5th        Java Rain Dance (BrianFacey)



Class 5


1st        AliB(AndrewWilliams)

2nd       U Grand Uno(MelHennah)

3rd            Dalana (AdamEllery)

4th        Emely B(SammieCotton)

5th            Zidane V (OliviaTucker)


Class 6

Pony British Novice/80cm Open

1st                  Cregg Surprise(RosieTuckett)

2nd            Emerys  (ArwenScoffin)

3rd       Trevarth  Danna(TeganPatch)

4th            Midnight Blue (Tilly  Bassett)

5th        Bishwell  Flakes  (lzzabellaWalters



Class 7

Pony British Discovery/90m Open

1st              Zahara (EllieGarland)

2nd             Ajax II(EllieGarland)

3rd             Kiltormer  Lucy(ZacEathorne)

4th              Cregg Surprise (RosieTuckett)


Class 8

Pony Newcomers/1m Open

1st              CoolattinSassy(ThomasTieken)

2nd            Kiltormer Lucy (ZacEathorne)

3rd             Ching Ching(SophieJinks)

4th            Ajax II (EllieGarland)

5th            Leonola (Sam Mitchell)

Class      Description                                         No entered        Results                 Horse/Pony                        Rider/Exhibitor

Ring 2


10           1,2 3 Year old in hand                     12                                     1st                                         Bonne Chance                   Judy Annear

                                                                                                                2nd                                        Dalcotes Pietta                  Angela Wise                                  

                                                                                                                3rd                                          Moondance                       George Coppes


11           Veteran in hand                                               6                       1st                           Piran                                      Daisy McLeod

                                                                                                                2nd                          Bejowans Court Jester  Michelle Pascoe

                                                                                                                3rd                           Dougal                                  Kirsty Peters


12           Coloured in hand (split)                 21                                       Small 1st                Soldanella Petty Officer                G Forrester

                                                                                                                Small 2nd               Marlebrook Kernel          Jacky Hall

                                                                                                                Small 3rd               Colly Town Fabian            Jordan Sleeman


                                                                                                                Large 1st               Treveglos Royal Duchy   Vicki Thomas

                                                                                                                Large 2nd              Buckles Tilly Marie           P Jones

                                                                                                                Large 3rd               The Dun Thing                   David Curnow


Champion from classes 10-12;    Treveglos Royal Duchy – Vicki Thomas

Reserve Champion; Bonne Chance – Judy Annear


13           Ridden Veteran                                                7                              1st                           Shulas Troy                         R Keast

                                                                                                                         2nd                          Pussy Galore                      Marie Laity

                                                                                                                         3rd                           Bejowans Court Jester  Tara Wearne


14           Ridden cobs                                       5                                               1st                           Derby Park                          Lauren Berridge

                                                                                                                           2nd                          Cormoy Lad                        David Curnow

                                                                                                                           3rd                           Cornish Star                        Lisa Bennett


15           Ridden Riding Horse                       8                                                  1st                           Kavanaghs King                 Nathan Arnold

                                                                                                                           2nd                          Hallesaire                            Abbi Holmes

                                                                                                                           3rd                           Rosewall Cracker Jack    Heidi Petzing


16           Ridden Hunters                                                12                           1st                           Bingo                                     K Hirst

                                                                                                                        2nd                          Kings Chorus                      A Trezise

                                                                                                                        3rd                           Scrumpy Jack                     Hayley Williams


17           Ridden Coloured                              13                                            1st                           Treveglos Royal Duchy   Vicki Thomas

                                                                                                                        2nd                          Cornish Star                        Lisa Bennett

                                                                                                                        3rd                           Subar Fair and Square    Eden Hocking


Champion from classes 13 to 17; Derby Park, Lauren Berridge

Reserve Champion; Treveglos Royal Duchy, Vicki Thoams


Class      Description                                         No entered        Results                 Horse/Pony                        Rider/Exhibitor

Ring 3A


18           M&M Lead Rein                               5                                       1st                           Newoak Honeymoon     Alana Jones

                                                                                                                2nd                          Subar Fair & Square        Eden Hocking

                                                                                                                3rd                           Castellau Helena              Riley Barrett


19           M&M First Ridden                           4                                        1st                           Oscar                                     Samuel Laity

                                                                                                                2nd                          Millcroft Chorus                A Perry


20           M&M ridden small breeds           7                                           1st                           Colne Twinkle                    Tori Dymond

                                                                                                                2nd                          Colby Silver Sprite            Gemma Trevenna

                                                                                                                3rd                           Northcroft Thistle            Sophia Perry


21           M&M ridden large breeds           8                                             1st                           Hurstock New Tricks       Lucy Booth

                                                                                                                2nd                          Crusheen Hero                 Sam Cyster

                                                                                                                3rd                           You’ve Been Tangoed    Carla Hennig


Champion classes 18-21

Champion; Colne Twinkle, Tori Dymond

Reserve Champion; Newoak Honeymoon, Alana Jones


22           M&M Yearling in hand                   1                              1st                           Hurstock Cornish Treasure   Lucy Booth


23           M&M 2/3 year old in hand           9                                            1st                           Sharpter Knighthood      C Evans

                `                                                                                               2nd                          Hope Mandy                      S Bowman

                                                                                                                3rd                           Arvorek Monarch            Clare Lague


24           M&M In hand Small Breeds         15                                         1st                           Glebedale Aliona             Shaun Bowman

                4 Years old and over                                                               2nd                          Colby Silver Sprite            Gemma Trevenna

                                                                                                                3rd                           Castellau Helena              Debbie Rowe


25           M&M In Hand large breeds         5                                            1st                           Hurstock Cornish Amber   Lucy Booth

                                                                                                                2nd                          Lowhouse Bright Star     J Kelly

                                                                                                                3rd                           Buckles Tilly Marie           P Jones

Championship classes 22-25

Champion; Glebedale Aliona, Shaun Bowman

Reserve Champion; Cornish Treasure, Lucy Booth


Ring 4 – Unaffiliated Show Jumping


26           Novice Ponies                                   4                              1st                          Tommy                                 Kelsey Clegg

                Not to exceed 50cms                                                        2nd                          Mr Chips                              Flora Tieken

                                                                                                          3rd                           Rosie                                     Tamsin Harvey


27           Junior Rider                                        7                              1st                           Daff                                       Shona White

                Not to exceed 65cms                                                          2nd                          Inca Cola                              Hannah Tucker

                                                                                                             3rd                           Fly by Billy                           Flora Tieken

Class      Description                                         No entered        Results                 Horse/Pony                        Rider/Exhibitor


28           Senior Rider                                       11                           1st                           Piran                                      Daisy McLeod

                Not to exceed 65mcs                                                       2nd                          Shelby                                  Paula Reynolds

                                                                                                           3rd                           Dolly                                      Hayley Edwards


29           Junior Rider                                        11                           1st                           Star                                        Nicola Barnes

                Not to exceed 75cms                                                        2nd                          Pennys wonder                                Henry Hurst

                                                                                                           3rd                           Juno                                      Ross Gilmore


30           Senior Rider                                       11                           1st                           Mins Pie                               Sam Benney

                Not to exceed 75mcs                                                     2nd                          Rosewall Cracker Jack    Heidi Petzing

                                                                                                                3rd                           Mr Blue Sky                        Alice Lamming


31           Junior Rider                                        12                           1st                           Shelby                                  Iona Liddle

                Not to exceed 85csm                                                        2nd                          Daff                                       Shona White

                                                                                                          3rd                           Danny                                   Iona Liddle


32           Senior Rider                                       7                              1st                           Yanto                                    Sam Benney

                Not to exceed 85cms                                                         2nd                          Wilson                                  Anna Hoskins

                                                                                                            3rd                           Rosewall Cracker Jack    Heidi Petzing


Ring 3B Unaffiliated Showing


33           Tack & Turnout                                 5                              1st                           Regal Isis                              Millie Olds

                                                                                                                2nd                   Cottrell Special Edition  Holly Ennor

                                                                                                                3rd                      Dinky                                     Beth Lowe


34           Best Combinaton Lead Rein        6                              1st                           Newoak Honeymoon     Alana Jones

                                                                                                                2nd              Wyedean Ethan                                S Murray

                                                                                                                3rd                Subar Fair & Square        Eden Hocking


35           Best Combination 10 & Under    4                                           1st                           Whiteleaze Secret Charm Tori Dymond

                                                                                                                2nd                          Cottrell Special Edition   Holly Ennor

                                                                                                                3rd                           Brenneulos Popcorn       Sophia Williams


36           Best Combination 11-16                                6                         1st                           Newoak Flower Girl        Emma James

                                                                                                                2nd                          Regal Isis                              Millie Olds

                                                                                                                3rd                           Brookdale Made In Ireland  Lauren Berridge


37           Best Combination Open                                7                         1st                           Faith                                      Kelly Semmens

                                                                                                                2nd                          Shulas Troy                         Lisa Bennett

                                                                                                                3rd                           Interessant                         Alicia Brassett


38           Best Rider 16 & Under                   4                                        1st                           Brookdale Made In Ireland  Lauren Berridge

                                                                                                                2nd                          Wyedean Ethan                                Megan Ruberry

                                                                                                                3rd                           Gwithian Lilly                     Tori Dymond


Class      Description                                         No entered        ResultsHorse/Pony                                        Rider/Exhibitor


39           Best Ridden PB Horse/Pony        5                                          1st           Newoak Flower Girl                        Emma James

                                                                                                                2nd          Kelly Semmens                                 Faith

                                                                                                                3rd           Regal Isis                                              Millie Olds



Championship classes 34-39

Champion: Whiteleaze Secret Charm, Tori Dymond

Reserve Champion; Newoak Flower Girl, Emma James


40           Best Grass Kept in hand                                5                         1st           Bayleafs Cherry Blossom             V Bennett

                                                                                                                2nd          Alice                                                      Liam Jose

                                                                                                                3rd           YP Branch Destiny Delivers          C Rundle


41           Miniature In Hand                           11                                      1st           Birchwood Rhinestone Cowboy                G Fletcher

                                                                                                                2nd          Westleam Cornish Baileys            Jacky Hall

                                                                                                                3rd           Pinetrees UK Eagles with love     Kim Johns


42           Child Handler 10 & Under             8                                         1st           Wyedean Ethan                                                M Ruberry

                                                                                                                2nd          Manwee Prince Raymond            T Ruberry

                                                                                                                3rd           Manlee Celebrations                      Eve Menhennet


43           Child Hander 16 & Under              4                                         1st           Regal Isis                                              Millie Olds

                                                                                                                2nd          Bejowans Court Jester                  Tara Wearne

                                                                                                                3rd           Alice                                                      Liam Jones


Dog Show


1              Best Junior Dog                                 4                              1st          

                Under 2 years                                                                    2nd                Results not listed on sheet



2              Best Golden Oldie                           5                                     1st           Gizmo                                                   Rhianna

                Over 8 years                                                                            2nd          Henry                                                    Lily

                                                                                                                3rd           Buddy                                                   Finley


3              Waggiest tail                                      5                                     1st           Marlin                                                   Nianh

                                                                                                                2nd          Finley                                                    Tamsin

                                                                                                                3rd           Cole                                                       Rob


4              Dog with most appealing eyes   11                           1st           Cole                                                       Rob

                                                                                                  2nd          Stanley                                                 Jennifer

                                                                                                   3rd           Ruffles                                                  Eleysia


5              Junior Handler under 16 years    6                              1st           Marlin                                                   Nianh

                                                                                                     2nd          Finley                                                    Tamsin

                                                                                                      3rd           Jessie                                                    Alana


Class      Description                                         No entered        ResultsHorse/Pony                                        Rider/Exhibitor


6              Dog most like its owner                 3                              1st                          

                In appearance                                                               2nd          results not listed                                                                                           3rd


7              Best rescue dog                                                5            1st           Puppy Cann                                        Julia

                                                                                                        2nd          Cole                                                       Rob

                                                                                                        3rd           Finley                                                    Tamsin


8              Dog Judge would like to                13                           1st          

                Take home                                                                    2nd          results not listed on sheet



Best In Show: Cole, Rob