Pony British Novice

1st Bethany Andrew Nobody In Particular

2nd Charlotte Vincent Trewithian Tarragon

3rd Kendra Curtis Mr P Doherty

Pony Discovery

1st Tom Tieken Coolattin Sassy

2nd Matthew Vincent Bonoffee Toffee

3rd Charlotte Vincent Trewithianj Tarragon

Pony Newcomers

1st Darcy Wilson Wilma Bobby

2nd Tom Tieken Coolatin Sassy

3rd Bethany Andrew Sligo Knowall

Pony Foxhunter

1st Bethany Andrew Ajax II

British Novice

1st Simon Wooding Austin Olympic

2nd Clare Beacham Polwhellan Oscar

3rd Clare Beacham Azam


1st Lauren Blunsdon Bornheirm

2nd Andrew Richards Drogeham

3rd Simon Wooding Austin Olympic


1st Charmaine James Birchills Jemima Puddle Duck

2nd Charmaine James Tremrose Porthoustock Lily

3rd Jade Couch Freestyle Frankie

1.20m open

1st Adam Ellery Dalana

2nd Adam Ellery Bally M

3rd Charlotte Rule Rumors Gucci


Joint 1st - Andrew Willaims  Doucardo Chin & Adam Ellery Bicoly D

Joint 3rd - Brian Facey Java Rain Dance & Adam Ellery Cacharell II

1.30m Open

1st Andrew Williams - Codar

2nd Adam Ellery Cassini Royale II

3rd Adam Ellery I'm Downtown

 Open 1, 2 & 3 Yr old

1st Kate Downie Carnmellyn Kings Law

2nd Georgina Young Minuet

3rd Lesley Jeys Mayflower Blue

Coloured In-hand

1st Vicki Thomas Treveglos Royal Duchy

2nd Jordan Sleeman Fallen Ash Scouts Spellbound

3rd Emma White Karmrlan Natasha

Competiton Horse In-hand

1st Kate Downie Carnmellyn Kings Law

2nd David Gill & Alan Dunnett Collette II

3rd Simon Ennor Cosworth Hayden

Veteran In-hand

1st Robert Sampson Highmead Afternoon Delight

2nd Georgian Young Minuet

3rd Jordan Sleeman Fallen ash Scouts Spellbound

Ridden Cob

1st Rhys Harper Skare

2nd Mary Olds Mary Ann's Boy

3rd Mrs L Bennett Cornish Star

Riding Horse

1st Tracey Collis Ladydowns Its Me

2nd Jane Angilley Madison

3rd Dominique Mills Carnmellyn Royal Dazzler

Small Hunter

1st Tish Pickles Kingcourt Rocky

2nd Rachel Tremaine Northern Fanfare

3rd Natasha Brassett The Grey Prince

Open Hunter

1st Lauren Greaves Argent

2nd Stephanie Ring Caragloose Celtic Storm

3rd Katie Hurst Mr Wooster

NO RESULTS FOR CLASSES 15-18 - If known please email- christiepascoe@hotmail.co.uk

M&M Lead Rein

1st Amelia Watson Wyedean Sinatra

2nd Megan Ruberry Wyedean Ethan

3rd Eve Menhenneh Afan Sebastian

M&M First Ridden

1st Rebecca Story Dwyken Meilir

2nd Aliyah Hogan Penylasgarn Gimley

3rd Ellie Howarth Little Hadley Leonard

M&M Small Breeds

1st Aliyah Hogan Penylasgarn Gimley

2nd Georgina Simmonds Boreton Mercury

3rd Poppy Ingall Merribridge Mischief

M&M Large Breeds

1st Lucy Booth Hurtstock Cornish Amber

2nd Alex Carne Kekezza Mountain Springs

3rd Ellie Simmonds Murthwaite Bobby's Last

M&M Yearling

1st Lucy Booth Hurtstock Hunters Moon

2nd Miss C Gall Arvorek Patience

3rd David Bennett Sunlea Meadow Lady Lilly Beth

M&M 2 & 3 Yr Old

1st Lucy Booth Hurtstock Hunters Moon

2nd Sue Smith terrano Jazz

3rd Mr Bowman Glebedale Aliona

 M&M Small Breeds

1st Pam Tabb Tawna Viceroy

2nd Charlotte Rowe Polmesk Brad Pit

3rd Maria Bean Jubilee Jamboree

M&M Large Breeds

1st Lucy Booth Hurtstock Cornish Amber

2nd Keren Carne Ivavale Elenor

3rd Alex Carne Kekezza Mountain Spring

P.B In-hand

1st Robert Sampson Highmead Afternoon Delight

2nd Allana Job Tresorya Sulwena

P.B Ridden

1st Emma James Crahan Rum Truffle

2nd Georgia Butler Cosford Chameleon

3rd Henrietta Watson Westbury Peter Pan

Plaited T&T

1st Amelia Watson Westbury Peter Pan

2nd Ryan Mitchell Talgoed Lucy

3rd Leah ferguson Mouse

Unpalited T&T

1st Rebecca Storey Dwyken Meilir

2nd Maddie Nicholls Barkla Royal Seal

BSPS Lead rein

1st Amelia Watson Westbury Peter Pan

2nd Samuel Laity Cusop Just A Gem

3rd Lisa Mitchell Talgoed Lucy

BSPS First Ridden

1st Leah Ferguson Mouse

2nd Megan Ruberry Chywoon Valentino

3rd Tara Wearne Fayre Candice

Combination 12 Yrs & Under

1st Georgia Butler Cosford Chameleon

2nd Kaci Wtkinson Parkhill Golden Girl

3rd Millie Olds Regal Isis

Combination 16 Yrs & Under

1st Morwenna Trise Take Two To Tango

2nd Jess O'Connor Bilbo

3rd Kaci Watkinson Parkhill Golden Girl

Combination Open

1st Georgie Simmons Newoak Designer Label

2nd Alicia Brassett The Grey Prince

3rd Ellie Simmonds Murthwaite Bobbys Last

Best Rider

1st Morwenna Trise Take Two To Tango

2nd Jess O'Connor Bilbo

3rd Emma James Crahan Rum Truffle

Best Grass Kept

1st Alicia Brassett The Grey Prince

2nd Rachel Bissoe Golden Island Maggie

3rd Allana Job Tresorya Sulwena

1, 2 & 3 Yr Old

1st Jordan Sleeman Tegan Louis Vuiton


1st Jordan Sleeman Fallen Ash Scouts Spellbound

2nd Jacky Hall Westloeah Royal Flush

3rd Morwenna Trise Take Two To Tango


1st Jordan Sleeman Fallen Ash Scouts Spellbound

2nd Jacky Hall Westleigh Royal Flush

3rd Christine Rundle Tegan Louis Vuiton

Child Handler 10 Yrs & Under

1st Rebecca Storey Dwylean Meilir

2nd Thayla Woods Nibbles

3rd Jessica Luker Bunny Girl

Child Handler 16 Yrs & Under

1st Jordan Sleeman Caluka UK Tribal Heat

2nd Emily Ashenden-Roberts Smurf

3rd Nathan Allen Chyvound Sophie

Novice WHP

1st Keren Cane Lydvale Eleen

2nd  Lauren Tresidder Paddy

Open WHP

1st Alwen Scoffin Emris

2nd Davy Wilson Wilma Bobby


1st Ellie Haworth Little HAdley Leonardo

2nd Letisha Pickles Kenwyn's Kensa

3rd Lauren Tresidder Paddy

Novice WH

1st Janine Williams Silverlands Solider Blue

2nd Clare Chapman Sam The Man

Open WH

1st Nicky Davies Embassadour